The First Philanthropy By Students Worldwide For VietNam

Student Ambassadors

Build-a-Bridge is a project entirely led and organised by students. We come from different parts of the world but share the same goal: to create a permanent positive change.

Here are some of our student ambassadors…

Celebrity Ambassadors:

Phillip Noyce, Hollywood Director

“I’m very glad to be a part of Nam Phuong’s Build-a-Bridge project, and we discussed how I can personally get involved to make a difference”.

 Miss Thúy Vân

It's such a great pleasure for me to be an ambassador of prestigious Nam Phuong Foundation. Joining this organization is the spectacular opportunity for me to create halo effects and take part in every meaningful activities. Thanks to Nam Phuong foundation, every day is a journey of mature that I am honor to raising love for every member of our society.

Singer Chi Pu

Chi Pu feels really happy to become one of Nam Phuong Foundation's ambassadors and work with Nam Phuong as well as Thuy Van to run this meaningful project. I'm looking forward to getting involved in upcoming NPF's activities and projects in order to help all the underprivileged across Vietnam.

Singer Son Tung MTP

Singer Le Hieu, "Prince of Vietnamese love music"

"I am very glad to have been invited to join the Build-a-Bridge project, and I hope my contributions - combined with those of others - can help better the lives of many generations after us."
Singer Phuong Vy, Winner of Vietnam Idol Season 1, 2007

"I fully support this noble cause, which has been started by a group of very young people. So I want that each of us will do our bit to help build these very necessary bridges for rural, distant areas to help people move around easier, and bring happiness to children who can commute to school daily without dangers or fears.

Lets spread the love together with me so we can build many bridges connecting happiness. We can all do this. Why not start today?"

Singer Van Mai Huong, The most favorite female singer in HTV Awards 2013 & 2014

As a young person, Hương has ever nurtured some charity intentions. With "Build a Bridge", Hương gets deeply impressed by the meaning of building bridges. Currently, we keep doing charity by a normal way of giving a fish, which just help the underprivileged to be provided with temporary food and clothes.
I fully support this project!

van mai huong

Actress Truc Diem, Miss Fashion in "Miss Earth 2007" and Top 15 "Miss International 2011"

My mother was born in South-East Vietnam. I was usually told that during the misery, her parents had to save each coin so that she could go to school like others. She tried to travel daily by boats, "khi" bridges and by crossing a long path to school. I visited her homeland several times afterwards. Images of poor people but hard-working and simple-hearted and children going across rivers by rotten bridges to school, regardless of any caused danger, have become an obsession to me whenever I think about it. Therefore, as "Build-A-Bridge" is formed, I am very delighted and eager to contribute my humble efforts to call for caring and sharing from the community. Let's join in opening a new "bridge" for the under-privileged, forgetting rotten bridges and looking forward to a brighter future where bridges are constructed by open hearts and love, on the initiative basis of Nam Phuong Foundation.


Singer Ho Trung Dung, The most favorite male singer in HTV Awards 2013 & 2014

To enable children go to school,
To eliminate all distances,
And to be proud of being Vietnamese,
Join me and Nam Phuong Foundation in connecting bridges....


Magician Petey "Majik" Nguyen

“I pledge to fully support the cause of the Foundation. I will perform a magic trick in which I will stand for 48 hours on a 5-metres tall chair. All the proceeds will go towards the Nam Phuong Foundation.”