The First Philanthropy By Students Worldwide For VietNam

We don’t just build bridges.
We build gateways of necessity and opportunity for those in need.

Hundreds and thousands of children in rural areas drown each year on their way to school, since the only path often involves crossing rivers via hazardous old boats, flimsy self-built bridges or even swimming, with heavy books and shoes as anchors, unwittingly increasing the danger.

Building a simple bridge can create an enormous difference for these communities. Not only will young children not be forced to face danger on a daily basis, a bridge will help improve the local socio-economic situation and transform a community held back by waterways.

The Nam Phuong Foundation, working with local governments, is dedicated to improving the lives of these communities through micro-infrastructure projects that are low cost, high impact, and long term. We believe that by supporting local projects we can make a greater impact on issues that would not normally be addressed by larger philanthropy organizations.

Our two aims are:

  • To reduce water-related dangers facing young children.
  • To improve the socio-economic situation of a community as a whole.

"In Vietnam, every hour, 1 child dies from an injury such as drowning or a traffic accident" - UNICEF