The First Philanthropy By Students Worldwide For VietNam

Cùng theo chân chị Đinh Thị Nam Phương - Người sáng lập Quỹ Nam Phương Foundation, cô gái duy nhất đại diện cho Việt Nam tham dự Dạ vũ hoàng gia Le Bal 2016 cùng hành trình mang giấc mơ

With the philosophy "A birthday is not only to receive, but also to give", the MV 'A Giving Birthday' took shape with lyrics by Đinh Nam Phương - Founder of the Nam Phương Foundation - and music by composers Diệu

An article published by Nguoi Lao Dong on August 16th portrays the unfortunate case of a woman falling 10 meters while using a swing cable to cross a river. Nguyen Thi Tho (shown unconscious above)was discovered by locals in the area