The First Philanthropy By Students Worldwide For VietNam

Connecting shores, stimulating development and transportation have always been the ultimate goals of ‘build a bridge’ project by Nam Phuong Foundation. Being the 4th bridge funded by “build the bridge” project of NPF, Loi Trinh Bridge will officially be put into operation on April 26th 2015, after more than 2 months of work. With total budget exceed 750 million VND, Loi Trinh Bridge – My Loi A, Cai Be district, Tien Giang province -  is the first of its kind, designed to be a cable-stayed bridge spanning 60 meters in length and 2.5 meters wide. In addition to its stability, Loi Trinh bridge plays a key role in connecting 4 communes: My Loi A, My Loi B, An Thai Trung, An Thai Trung of Cai Be district.

As of now, ‘Build a bridge’ project has delivered 4 bridges in an Hau My Trinh, An Thai trung, My Loi A – Cai Be district, Tien Giang province - namely Mot Thuoc, Sinh Chanh 1, Sinh Chanh 2 and the latest Loi Trinh Bridge. The region’s economy, particularly that of My Loi A largely depends on agricultural trade. However, the area is served by a ferry converted from an old boat, which serves more than 1500 motorbikes and pedestrians every day.

Images of countless wreck and adults as well as children falling into the river during flood season are not only a constant obsession for the people here but also a big concern of local authorities. On the other hand, the geographical structure is not stable, which in turns requires a complex, costly design. Therefore, Build a bridge’ project has select this area to build one, helping the people to realize what thought to be impossible.

After months of surveillance, research and construction, 'Build a bridge’ finally delivered Loi Trinh Bridge, which facilitate trading and transform the lives of over 52000, but also serve as a proud monument of warm hearts and enthusiastic spirit of the youth. In particular, numerous media agencies and volunteer ambassador as well as dancers from gameshow so you think you can dance attending the show. And to continue our mission to connect shores, after the completion of our first 4 bridges with the budget exceed 2 billion VND, we will perform major overhaul for other 4 bridges in Ben Tre and Long An, using a budget of ~ 1.8 billion VND in 2015.