The First Philanthropy By Students Worldwide For VietNam

10/2006: 19 students were killed in a boat accident on the Chôm Lôm river, Nghệ An.

01/2008: 5 middle school students drowned on the way back home from school in the town of Ngọc Tố, Sóc Trăng province. The boat of capacity 20 was made to accommodate 30 at the time of the accident.

12/2008: the corpse of an elementary school student, who purportedly slipped on the narrow path, was discovered about 18 metres away from a ‘monkey’ bridge across Ghềnh Hào, Cái Nước, Cà Mau, her backpack still caught on the railings spilling books and papers. These monkey bridges have recently been voted as one of the ten most dangerous bridges in the world.

06/2009: the Tam Tiến canal bridge connecting the two towns across Trường Giang river has been the cause behind about 20 deaths since its inauguration. Many children stopped going to school after having experienced traumatizing falls into the river, despite having been rescued.

11/2009: following the death of a third-grader, who slipped while crossing a precarious 13-metre monkey bridge, many students in Tây Yên, Kiên Giang, refused to go to school fearing the same fate.

09/2011: elementary school students in Minh Hóa, Quang Binh, have to swim across the notoriously dangerous Khe Rào river daily to get to school.

10/2011: the people in Tam Sơn, Quảng Nam province have one simple wish – to have a bridge across the Mùi river, infamous for its yearly death toll with 90% of victims students.

10/2013: seven women, mostly belonging to the S’tiêng minorities, all from poor families, died after an old, leaky boat carried fourty two people capsized on the Măng river, Bình Phước.

12/2013: three out of six passengers drowned while crossing the Gò Trâu river, Quảng Nam province; these women were on their way to work on the wheat fields.

12/2013: at least three deaths, as well as numerous traumatising falls, with mainly young victims, have occurred since the erection of a makeshift bamboo bridge across the Nhùng river, in Quảng Trị province. This fragile bridge has been reconstructed numerous times, after being washed away during flooding seasons.
And many more unreported cases...