The First Philanthropy By Students Worldwide For VietNam

"Those who build bridges and cast in their past life
Will earn respect and wealth in this life"
                                                        From "The Buddhist Sutra on Karma of Three Past Lives"

The Foundation was formed after a conversation of a family about the difficult life of indigenous people in rural areas, where young children are subjected to dangers daily on their way to school. The charity’s founder, Miss Nam Phương, realised that with her small network she could raise enough funds to build bridges for small and remote communities, whereby eliminating unsafe boat rides.

In September 2011, the first bridge was built at Mỹ Thuận hamlet, Cái Bè District, Tiền Giang in southern Vietnam.

The strong and positive feedback from the town of Mỹ Thuận directly inspired the creation of the Nam Phương Foundation, as Nam Phương believed that ‘Build a Bridge’ is a project that could be implemented at other locations around the country, and even globally.

Then, on the 19th September 2013, the Nam Phuong Foundation was the first charity by students to be granted an Establishment Licence, number 1048/QĐ-BNV by the Internal Affairs Ministry of Viet Nam, in association with the international Nam Phuong Foundation.


Dinh Thi Nam Phuong

Phuong has just graduated Philosophy, Politics & Economics of the University of Oxford, the United Kingdom. She is an alumna of Charterhouse School and Roedean School in the United Kingdom, as well as the International School of Ho Chi Minh City and Nguyen Du School in Vietnam.


Dinh Ba Khang


Khang is studying Economics at UCLA (University of California Los Angeles) - The USA. He studied at the International School - Ho Chi Minh City and was a member of student representative association.