The Realities


In March 2018, hundreds of households living in Phung Giao, Phung Minh and Van Am communes, Ngoc Lac district district (Thanh Hoa province) had to risk their lives on pontoon bridges and small rafts to cross the Am River.

In April 2018, despite the danger, households in residential quarter 3 (Plei Kan, Kon Tum) still had to swing cables to cultivate and transport goods across the river.


In August 2017, daily residents of Ea Phe and Krong Buk communes (Krong Pak, Dak Lak) had to risk crossing the river with a homemade cable car.


On January 30, water flowed strongly at the underground bridge of Ky Cung and Lang Son rivers that washed away motorbikes, causing two deaths.

In March 2018, people in Tra Mai and Tra Tap communes, Quang Nam had to cross the Tranh River in small boats. In particular, when they do not have a boat, they have to use old tubs of cars to pump air and swim across the river, which is very dangerous.


In September 2015, students and residents of La Dom commune, Duc Co district, Gia Lai, crossed the river with a homemade cable system made of a 50 m long cable tied to a tree on either side.

In December 2015, residents of Cu Pua village, Dakrong commune, Dakrong district (Quang Tri) wanted to trade and travel on and on a “suspension bridge” made of rusty cable, hidden countless numbers of danger.


On October 26, while swinging a cable across the Krong Ana river (Hoa Le commune, Krong Bong district, Dak Lak province), the cable broke, causing a person to fall from a height of 10m to the edge of the river and die.

On May 24, at a Cam Son lake in Héo B village, Ho Dap commune, Luc Ngan district, Bac Giang province, there was a tragic accident, causing three students to drown right after the closing ceremony of the school year. .


In October 2013, seven S’tieng ethnic women, from poor families, died after an old boat carrying 42 people across Mang River and Binh Phuoc overturned.

In December 2013, at least 3 people died, as well as many traumatic falls, mostly young victims, since the construction of a temporary bamboo bridge across the River Ngung in Phuoc Commune, Quang Tri Province.


In September 2011, students from Minh Hoa and Quang Binh had to swim daily through Khe Rao stream to get to school.

In October 2011, people in Tam Son commune, Quang Nam province had only one simple dream – to have a bridge over the Mui River where almost every year someone drowned and 90% of the victims were students.


In June 2009, the Tam Tien (Quang Nam) aqueduct bridge across the Truong Giang River connecting the two communes has caused the deaths of 20 people since its inauguration. Many children have dropped out of school due to their obsession after falling into the river despite being saved.

In November 2009, after the death of a third-grade student who tripped on a fragile monkey bridge 13m long, many students in Tay Yen and Kien Giang did not dare to go to school because they were afraid of falling.


In January 2008, five high school students drowned on their way home from school in Ngoc To commune, Soc Trang province, due to an overloaded boat.

In December 2008, the body of an elementary school student was found 18 meters away from the monkey bridge.


In October 2006, 19 students were killed by boat wrecks at the Chom Lom wharf in Nghe An.

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