A touching story about crossing over a stream in plastic bags

TTO – Unbelievable in my eyes, moved to tears, admiration for the teachers and students here, need to act immediately to stop these images…. – this is some of the feedback from the TuoiTreOnline audience after watching the clip and reading the article “Sitting in plastic bags to cross over a stream”.

When flood season comes, teachers and students in the Sam Lang village have to get into the plastic bag and have someone who can swim, pull them over the stream – Photo taken from clip of teacher Tong Thi Minh.

Below are some quotes from audience comments:

* It’s really so amazing! I watched the clip over and over and showed it to other teachers in my school during break time this morning. They said that these teachers should be awarded with recognition for their efforts. The clip has become an encouragement to help my colleagues teach better.

We do expect the Ministry of Education and Training, the Department of Education and Training, and local authorities in Dien Bien to pay more attention to the people, students and teachers there. I would like to send my best regards to all of the students, parents and teachers who are brave enough to cross the stream because of the desire to receive education and a brighter future.

Le Van Huan (levanhuan6363 @ …)

* Appreciate your big heart, teachers! I hope that a bridge will be constructed as soon as possible!

Tan Khoa (nguyentankhoa84 @ …)

* I held my breath while watching this clip. What an inconceivable image! Seeing that the teacher “is still alive” after landing on the shore, I breathed a sigh of relief, but nearly shed tears. I feel sad for these students, teachers and our fellow citizen as well!

Nguyen Van Ha (nguyenvanhast @ …)

* What a hard way to get education! Our people are still miserable trying to earn their livelihood and receive an education. There are so many programs of constructing new rural areas, program 135, support for children in mountainous regions, etc. Yet we keep seeing these heart-breaking images in which students and teachers have to overcome many difficulties to deliver knowledge to remote areas.

I do hope to propose a program mobilizing support from people nationwide. The government should give a specific action plan to “rescue” students, teachers and citizens as well. Do not let unfortunate accidents happen and people feel anguish after it’s reported. Take instant action before it’s too late. As a Vietnamese citizen, I am willing to contribute my humble effort on this.

Son Bui (Buison278 @ …)

Visit http://tuoitre.vn/Ban-doc/598473/roi-nuoc-mat-voi to see more comments and the video of a teacher ferrying students across the stream in a plastic bag.

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