Groundbreaking ceremony Bay Vinh Bridge

(At 9:30 on Saturday, 30/07/2016 at Tan Phu, Chau Thanh, Ben Tre province)

Delegates of Nam Phuong Founadation, spondors and local officials do the shoveling for groundbreaking ceremony Bay Vinh Bridge

30/07/2016 will be Bay Vinh bridge commencement  at Tan Phu hamlet, Chau Thanh district, Ben tre province. This is the second project of Nam Phuong Foundation in Bentre and the 11th projects of the foundation at the South-Western provinces. Bay Vinh bridge is sponsored by VinaOne steel JS company to realize the mission of bridge build projects, together contribute and connect banks by rigid and stable bridge in t he rural area.


Dinh Ba Khang,Co-Founder of Nam Phuong Foundation delivered speech at the groundbreaking ceremony.

Located at Tan Trung hamlet, Chau Thanh distruct, Ben Tre province, Bay Vinh helps student going to school from the other side of the river. This is also the gate for trading transaction in the area. The local people have to use junk as the unique transportation mean, which is very costly and unsafe, so the existence of stable and rigid bridg is the big dream the local.

Old and degraded bridges have caused difficulties in transaction and daily activities of the local people .

 The local people have to use junk as the unique transportation mean  

Nam Phuong Foundation have carried out study, survey  the geographical location, made technical proposal to build new Bay Vinh bridge. Bay Vinh bridge is structured with steel girder, sized 2.5m x30m, with the total estimated cost of 1.2 billion millions, 29 % of which  was donated by the local, 71% of the remaing was from Nam Phuong Foundation   

Delegates of Nam Phuong Foundation talked to local authorities about giving gifts to the local residents .

 Dinh Ba Khang, Co- Founder of Nam Phuong Foundation giving present to the local people. 

Upon the completion, Bay Vinh bridge plays an important role in the normal life of residents of Chau Thanh district in particular and Ben tre province in general,. It not also facilitate the trading fairs between Chau Thanh and other neighboring hamlets but also help the trevelling to school of hudreds of student in the area to become easier and safer.

A spacious and rigid bridge is alwaysthe biggest  dream of the local people .

Bridge build project founded by Nam Phuong foundation has, until now, facilitated the transportation of more than 306.223 local people. It has  help to comlete and put in to use 12 meaningful projects including: Khang Linh bridge – Cai Be district, Tien Giang province; Nguyen Van Tiep B  bridge Lợi Trinh, Một Thước, Sình Chanh 1, Sình Chanh 2, Ngọc Hoàng at Cái Bè district – Tiền Giang province, Tân Hậu bridge – Bến Tre province, TĐ 7-15 bridge and Kênh Thủy Tân bridge – Long An proince. Proceeded afer these success, Bay Vinh bridge at Chau Thanh district, Ben tre province is promising to create positive changes for the rural area and the life of the local resident in the coming time

About Nam Phuong Foundation:

Nam Phuong Foundation was officially set up in 2013 from a family discussion by 02 sister and brother Nam Phuong and Ba Khang about the miserable and poor life of the people in the rural area, where the children are always in the risk of every day danger on the way to school. The founder of Nam Phuong foundation- Dinh Thi Nam Phuong realized that with her small network, she can persuade people to donate money to build bridges in remaote area so that the local no loner go across river by ferry or junk. Nam Phuong foundation is the first charity fund founded by students, licensed by Ministry of inernal affairs of Vietnam socialist republic with registration number 1048/QĐ-BNV/

• Dinh Thi Nam Phuong: graduated from Oxford  university- UK majoring in philosophy, politics and economy.

•Dinh Ba Khang: currently student of economic falcuty at UCLA ( university of California LosAngeles .

The main objective of Nam Phuong Foundation is to reduce risk by the river for the children and at the same time improving socio- economy of the whole community in general. Operation model of the foundation : the foundation will sponsor 70 % of the construction cost, rhe local people and authorities wil be responsible for remaining 30 % , which could be in the form of  cash, labor, transportation support, food and accommodation for construction workers…this integrated model will help the local people to be more responsible as they can take use of their achievement. So they will respect and preserve it for next generations 

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