Groundbreaking ceremony Chuoi Nuoc Bridge

(At 10:30 am on Sunday, 04 Dec 2016 at Nhon Phu hamlet, Mang Thit district, Vinh Long province)

Always pondering on the mission of Bridge Build, after commencing Nhan Nghia bridge at Dong Thap province 02 months ago, Nam Phuong Foundation continued to raise new hope for the local people at Nhon Phu hamlet, Mang Thit district, Vinh Long province

 This is an area with difficult economy, offdate infrastructure. So, the residents at Mang Thit district have to face with many unexpected obstacles in their transportation, daily activities, which are the most basic needs of human life. This is also reason leading to stagnation in trading, in medical industry and in education of the local community. The people here all have to go through the old concrete bridge with tens of years and mostly damaged. And the students have to go school by simple timber raft which exposes much danger in case of torrent. Consequently, the existence of rigid and stable, bid bridge is the desire of many local people with the hope that their physical and mental life will be much improved thank to it. 


Understanding deeply these difficulties as well as the dreams to come true for the local resident, especially for the children, Nam Phuong Foundation have carried out the study, survey geographical location and other technical aspect, then officially commenced to construct the Chuoi Nuoc bridge at Nhon Phu hamlet, Mang Thit district , Vinh Long province. RC concrete concrete with steel girder, 21m x2.5 m in size, will be build with estimated cost of about 900 million, 29 % of which is contributed by the local and the 71 % of the remaining is from Nam Phuong Foundation and the sponsor of Vinaone steel Holding company following ‘Building Bridge” program.

Upon the completion and put in to use, Chuoi Nuoc bridge definitely help tackle obstacles in normal daily activities and production of the local people, help small student go to school more easily, thereby opening a bright prospect for next generations and especially immediately meet the urgent need of the local: quick access to medical facilities. Moreover, this project is also the main impetus to upgrade the life quality and transportation of the people in the hamlet as there are more than 500 turns of people going through the bridge. Chuoi Nuoc bridge  therefore can be seen as a benchmark in cause of reforming, nation modernization  in development target in the coming years . 

The groundbreaking ceremony of this vital bridge took place on 04 Dec 2016 at Nhon Phu hamlet, Mang Thit district, Vinh Long province under the witness the the local residents and the authorities, together with delegation team of Nam Phuong Foundation


And on the occation of bridge existence to be, VinaOne company presented 50 special gifts to pupils of Nhon Phu hamlet, besides other present from other sponsors like packbag from HTV2, Nabati cake and attack detergent. The bridge is expected to built in 3 months, opening a new start for the local here. There will be no longer temporary bridges or frequent fear when going across the deep river section. 

“Building Bridge” project founded by Nam Phuong Foundation has, until now, facilitated the transportation of more than 306.223 local people. It has  help to complete and put in to use 12 meaningful projects including: Khang Linh bridge – Cai Be district, Tien Giang province; Nguyen Van Tiep B  bridge Loi Trinh, Mot Thuoc, Sinh Chanh 1, Sinh Chanh 2, Ngoc Hoang at Cai Be district – Tien Giang province, Tan Hau bridge – Ben Tre province, TĐ 7-15 bridge and Kenh Thuy Tan bridge – Long An proince. Proceeded afer these success, Bay Vinh bridge at Chau Thanh district, Ben tre province is promising to create positive changes for the rural area and the life of the local resident in the coming time

Although having stayed and studied oversea for such a long time, young lady Dinh Thi Nam Phuong always feeds the yield to return and contribute to home country where she was born and grew up, and all above projects are the proof for her non-stop efforts, together with here younger brother to make the dream of millions of people in the waterways area with many difficulties come true.  Starting from their small network, Nam Phuong Foundation have helped spreading the spirit of “Building Bridge”  over the young philanthropy delegate as well as other sponsor worldwide. All share stable bridge to aim at brighter future for provinces with difficulties in Vietnam.

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