Handover ceremony of Kenh Thuy Tan Bridge

On January 16th, 2016 in Thanh Hoa Ward, Long An Province, Kenh Thuy Tan Bridge is officially put into operation. It is made of reinforced concrete, dimension 48 meters long and 2.9 meters wide with the total budget of 500 million VND (not including the bridge piers). This is the Foundation’s first project in Long An, and the 7th in Mekong Delta.

For many years, locals in Tan Tay have been using the makeshift bridge which put their lives under threat at any time. “This bridge is really perilous, we keep repairing on old repairs so it’s all crumbled. Really, you wouldn’t know when the whole thing will collapse. Every time I bring my wife, I always let her walk. Its looks better from here – if you look up from a dinghy, you undoubtedly would not dare to walk on this bridge anymore. Dead scary!”. Said a local. Though, kids have the innocent worry: “My mother dares not to ride over so I’m waiting here for my uncle to pick me up. Every time we cross, my mother hugs me really tight to I’m not scared at all!”

Due to the important role of Kenh Thuy Tan Bridge in developing economy in the region, the local authority contructed the Birdge but ran out of money after completing the piers. Being sympathizing with that condition, Nam Phuong Foundation and KIDO donated the remained budget to construct Kenh Thuy Tan Bridge. Kenh Thuy Tan Bridge was inaugurated in November 2015, with the total budget of more than 500 million VND (not including the piers).  With Kenh Thuy Tan, the life and living condition for these rural areas will be transformed.

Up to this point, the Build a Bridge project  of Nam Phuong Foundation have completed 6 welfare bridges, which are: Loi Trinh Bridge, Mot Thuoc Bridge, Sinh Chanh Bridge, Ngoc Hoang Bridge – Tien Giang Province, Tan Hau Bridge – Ben Tre Province, Kenh Thuy Tan – Long An Province. In this month, 1 more bridge in Long An Province will be handed over which are expected to make remarkable change in the region and local’s life.

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