Inaugurated TD 15-7 Bridge

The groundbreaking ceremony of TD 15-7 Bridge in Long An province took place on November 14th, 2015. This is the second project of Nam Phuong Foundation in Long An and the eighth in the Mekong River. TD 15-7 is the fifth Bridge which is sponsored my KIDO Group to continue our mission to deliver more and more permanent stable bridges to underdeveloped areas.

Connecting the 2 big villages Cau Lon and Ba Mia, allowing more than 250 families in the district, TD 15-7 has long before played an important role in the flow of food and traffic in Thu Thua district, Long An province. However, the current bridge is badly damaged which has been an obsession for the locals for a long time. The dream of having a new and safe bridge has been existed in locals here for a long time.

Nam Phuong Foundation has conducted extensive research and survey before making the final decision. The bridge is to be made of reinforced concrete, dimension 30 meters long x 3.2 meters wide, with a total budget of VND 500 million, whereas 30% came from locals and 70% came from KIDO Group. When it is put into operation, TD 15-7 Bridge will be a remarkable change in people’s lives here. Not only would it facilitate traffic to and from Thu Thua and Long an in general, but the way to school for local children there would be much safer as the new semester is about to begin.

As of now, ‘Build-a-Bridge’ by Nam Phuong Foundation has completed and put into use 5 bridges, including Loi Trinh, Mot Thuoc, Sinh Chanh 1, Sinh Chanh 2 in Cai Be District, Tien Giang, and Tan Hau in Ben Tre. To continue our streak, we deliver TD 15-7 Bridge with the hope that it will transform the life and improve living condition for these rural areas.

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