Introducing Our Newsletters

Our Process
Nam Phuong Foundation (NPF) has made a lot of progress since its official launch earlier this year. Building bridges, however, can be a long and drawn out process, as all necessary approvals are required and the right design produced to ensure a high quality bridge that maintains durability and functionality is constructed.

Over the last several months, NPF has secured the services of many organizations within the construction industry to ensure efficiency for each project within a set budget.

As a team, NPF has been very successful in this approach, and we look forward to keeping you updated with our progress.

Your Involvement
Through our fundraising events, NPF received an abundance of donations and support and have reached our goals of raising enough revenue to fund the four projects scheduled for 2014.

NPF cannot thank-you enough for your support and to keep you updated of where your generosity goes, we are pleased to announce the release of our new monthly newsletter.

We aim to keep you informed with the progress of our projects, as well as update you on related news both locally in Vietnam and globally.  We hope you enjoy the content of our first issue.

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