NPF Participates in 2nd Charity Gala of Air France KLM

The 2nd edition of Air France KLM Charity Gala Dinner took place successfully on Saturday 22ndat Caravelle Hotel (HCMC) and raised funds of more than $100,000 USD (equivalent to 2.1 billion VND) to help and support  the underprivileged in Vietnam. Nam Phuong Foundation (NPF), the first philanthropy by students worldwide for Vietnam, also joined this meaningful event.

As an early existing European airline in Vietnam, Air France KLM has been transforming with the rapid growth of this country. In addition to its innovation and modern technology, Air France KLM always keeps in mind its engaged social responsibility. “After more than 75 years of development in Vietnam, I think that Air France should participate in social activities as an active corporate company. Apart from helping social organizations and local charities selected by Air France KLM Vietnam, I hope that this annual event is also a connection between Vietnam and Europe business communities to altogether contribute their efforts for this humane activity”, said Mr. Dao Nguyen, Managing Director of Air France KLM.

Mr. Dao Nguyen, Managing Director of Air France KLM in Vietnam

Air France KLM Charity Gala has been supported from European enterprises including Annam Gourmet, Céline, Chopard, Christian Louboutin, French Concergerie, Hermes, Tedis, Veolia, Warehouse andAxa, to Vietnamesecompanies like DatVietVAC, Duong Minh Language School, Vidotour, Prima Gold, and other organizations.Like a hand-shake between Vietnam and Europe, it brings forward the humanity value of “heart”.

On this occasion, Nam Phuong and Ba Khang (co-founders of Nam Phuong Foundation) also shared updated information relating to NPF activities. These two siblings said “As a young generation, charitable activity is very meaningful to our life. Air France KLM Gala is an event helping to connect merciful hearts together. With its significance, Nam Phuong Foundation is honoured to contribute our efforts in a common initiative to bring a better life for communities.” During recent days, people witnessed a touching story recording a fact that teachers and students in a village in north-western Vietnam crossed a river in a plastic bag to go to school (reported by TuoiTre). This story proves that building bridges is a desire of the underprivileged in rural areas of Vietnam. Therefore, NPF realizes our responsibility to make it a reality through “Build a Bridge” project. “Build a Bridge” is a charitable project of NPF to call for contributions to build bridges in rural areas of Vietnam to improve transportation and quality of life.

The gala dinner with the theme “A night in Paris” welcomed 300 high profile guests including high ranking officials and CEOs of top companies in Vietnam. Besides this, there wasthe participation of many Vietnamese celebrities such as Chi Bao, Truong Ngoc Anh, Giang My, Quyen Linh, Tang Thanh Ha and her spouse, Duong Cam Lynh, Quach An An, Le Hieu, Van Mai Huong, Ho Trung Dung, Thu Hang, Tung Duong, Hai Chau, Duc Tuan, Phuong Vy, Trang Phap, Hua Vi Van, Petey Majik and Ha Anh.
Below are some photos take at the charity gala.

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